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Grooming Set

Get a 10% discount when you buy our grooming set.

Beard Balm

Leave-in conditioner that moisturises, softens, and helps style your beard. Unlike most beard balms that use beeswax, our beard balm uses Candelilla wax and Carnauba wax, which are less oily and absorb faster. Other beard-loving oils included are Vetiver, Jasmine, Bergamot, Cedar Wood, and Argan.

Anti-aging Serum

Lightweight formula that helps keep your skin radiant and reduces wrinkles to reveal a clear and smooth complexion with 2% Retinol, 0.5% Caffeine, Lavender, and Jasmine.

All Skin Types

Clear Formula

Natural Care

Face & Beard Wash

Effective on rough beards and gentle on the skin. It provides deep cleansing, clear skin, and a softer beard.

CBD Booster

CBD contains many compounds with oil reducing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. You can mix-in the booster with the rest of our products or use it on its own.

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