Who we are

We are a self-care brand of products made for modern gentlemen that the ladies will envy.

Through craft production, cutting-edge technology, and the most refined natural ingredients we are redefining skincare.

Comforting, luxurious, natural, and high-performing. Experience the woody and sweet scents of firewood, such as vetiver and cedar, or the warm base notes of a glass of high-quality spirits like bergamot and honey.

What we stand for

Bonfire & Bourbon wants to inspire people to ignite their spirit. Our vision is to put high-end, sustainable products in the hands of discerning clients through small, elaborate batches.

Bonfire & Bourbon people are people of harmony and style. We support small Swiss businesses and believe that Switzerland can create first class products that can be enjoyed around the world.

At Bonfire & Bourbon we want to give our customers a comforting, luxurious, natural and high performance experience accompanied by the woody and sweet scents found in firewood such as vetiver and cedar and the warm base notes of a glass of high quality spirit like spicy bergamot and honey.

What we do, we do with purpose and care – and that’s why we look our best.

We would be happy to answer all your questions.

Reach out to as at info@bonfireandbourbon.com or contact us directly from here.